intermitten cutting out

hey all

i had a funny one this evening on the way home from ace, i pinned the bike through 3rd and 4th, just going to change into 5th and it cut out…WTF!
i thumbed teh starter and blipped teh throttle and she was away again.

what could have caused it? any ideas? pleaswe donty tell me its gonna be expensive!

check your throttle cable, make a note of the revs on the counter if it happens again. Also check your HT leads, and make sure the connections are good. If your transitions aren’t smooth, and you make the bike jolt when you do it, a loose connection could be causing it.

Apparently when you came to the workshop the other day Les mentioned an inherent fault with the SV just as you were leaving, just a throwaway comment. Something about a connector block under the tank (near the front) giving a bad connection…worth a check.:slight_smile:

hey mole,

teh throttle does have a little too much play must adjust!

i havent a clue what happened, i think i lost all power including revs lights etc, it did happen a bit quick…i was moving at speed.

hey, brian,

could be that then, where i was gunning it, as mole said it may have jolted it, ya know les’s word did pop into my head after it happend! good job i took his number down, i’ll give him a buzz find out what teh part is,hopefully i can fit it myself, les seems a pretty trustworthy chap, maybe he could sort it if not?