Interesting bike pricing tool

Looking to sell my old Vespa LX125 and came across this - there are obvious problems of course but it looks like it’s run by auto trader and checks for sale bike adds on a number of sites…Could be a good starting point when looking to sell/buy

Not very accurate, doesn’t ask for condition/mileage/mot/tax/history etc… It’s just a ball point figure…

You will get better estimates off of the people on this forum.


As I said Daws…there are obvious problems with it but is a good starting point…

So you did, haha my bad…
I’m still half asleep sorry :slight_smile:

By definition the site will give you the lowest possible price. So a useful pricing tool as far as that goes.

Hi guys,

We noticed the thread and thought we would chip in. Price Any Bike is not affiliated with AutoTrader in any way. Our aim is to speed up the natural process you would usually go through to get a feel for market value i.e. wading through hundreds of similar classified ads.

That gets you to a useful ball park figure and then as Daws1989 suggests it comes down to mileage, condition and sheer supply versus demand. Hopefully it’s a useful free tool for the biking community and we love feedback on the site.

Plenty of new and exciting features are planned for 2013!

Price Any Bike

Hey that’s a useful tool!!! There are some bikes that are waaay overpriced and this is good ammunition to get a realistic price…also some people undervalue their bikes so you can easily spot a real bargain.

Thanks !!!:smiley:

There is one thing you probally know already - when you hover over the bar charts the info just flashes up and doesn’t stay up so you get a microsecond of a view and it’s very tricky to read - otherwise excelllent.

the best pricing tool at the moment is ebay

I think this is a great service with good potential. For a free tool this is excellent

Great website.

Hold the mouse pointer on the top line of the bar

So how do you differentiate between the genuine prices paid and the bumped up scammed prices :ermm:

Hi Art,

We do monitor eBay as well and crucially over a period of time for each bike model. We also filter out the very extreme high and low prices for that very reason. They may be legit, however you would need a pretty good reason to consider buying them.

Hi Priceanybike,

have you got a tool to persuade an old Victor-Meldrew type bugger down in Brighton that he’s overpriced his Triumph Thruxton by about 25% and that he will never sell it for that money and will; end up wheeling it back into the garage for another year???

Maybe a big sign on the screen and a small electric shock to his testicles unless he prices it well and doesn’t try and sell a 2004 bike for the same price as a 2009 one…Grrr:D

Check back in a few weeks and you might find an additional feature to help with that :wink: