Intensive bike courses

Are these any good? I learn best when focussing hard really but I’ve heard that they can be too much all at once.

I’d be doing the CBT on Jan 3rd, then full license 5th-8th. Any instructors on here know what kind of pass rates there are? Oh and it’ll cost me £780ish. is this a good all-inclusive rate?

Don’t know about the cost, but I think intensive is a good way to get your licence, just keep in the back of your mind that although you have a full licence, there are learners out there who have more experience, and ride your bike accordingly until you’ve been doing it a while…

Don’t know about intensive training, but like Johnse1 said, when you get your licence, you have to think of it as a licence to be able to learn to ride your bike on the road. The course will be focussed on passing that test, you won’t necessarly be a “good” rider after it as there’s no substitute for experience.

I can recommend passing your test, get some experience through riding a lot, then look at advanced training.

I did mine a while (10-15yrs) back and think its all changed since, but I did a weeks worth and went from CBT to full licence all in one go. Cost about the same as youve mentioned and I found it relatively easy. But definately take heed of Johnseys advice there. I did the full week on a 125 and then didnt ride for about 18 months (I didnt have the cash to buy) thereafter. Suddenly an opportunity came up to get my dirty mits on an absolutely stunning GSXR 750. I had to spend the first week in a car park at work just getting to grips with the ballance and power of a sports bike.

Good luck and take it easy. :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thanks for that guys! yeah I’m going to go by the car rule I heard “here’s your license, now go learn how to drive” :wink: