Insuring a bike with a foreign licence


Anyone had any issues and did you have a preferred broker/insurance company?

@eezie I’ve got a American friend coming over. Did you manage to insure on a US bike licence?


Try Traders and General, 38 Church Hil, Loughton. IG10 1LA
020 8519 5950
They insured a mate of mine on a NZ licence for driving a motorhome in UK

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I had a Dutch licence for the first 10 years and never had any issues with insurance. I just put full EU on the form. I think you can only keep your Johnny Foreign licence for the first year these days. If they are emigrating it’s worth just getting your licence exchanged. You can do it at the post office (I think, it was a while ago so may have been a DVLA office, I remember it was in Wimbledon) and it’s no bother. You don’t have to send your documents away you can bring them in in person.

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Cheers, she’s only over for a month or so, so no need to convert the licence. Just trying to save on rental costs if it’s possible to insure her on my bike.


Just had a call back from my insurance company and it’s not possible due to being a non UK resident. But in other news, it is possible to add someone as a named driver to my existing policy if they was.

So need someone that does cover for a non UK resident…