I’ve just got my renewal quote from BikeSure and they’ve quoted me £369.99, which is £150 up on last year’s quote of £220!

I was wondering if anyone knew of the best companies for reasonable bike insurance.


CIA, Ebike, MCE will all give you good prices…

How good they are is up for debate… CIA I’ve been more than happy with though not claimed which is the only test that matters really…

I used this guide to get a good price

Mine came back from CIA last week, quoting a little more than last year even with an extra years no claims and having completed my first year riding a 600cc.

Went through the comparison sites and found Swinton gave a quote about half that of CIA, that’s before i’ve rung around to negotiate.

I use the comparison sites, but beware:

The on line quote is not real. When you get down to the nitty gritty and fill out their proposal form the quote most often comes back higher. In some cases a lot higher.

Rule of thumb: Reckon on a 20% increase on the base premium price this year. Apparently down to a large increase in bike thefts and the rip off prices charged for “courtesy bikes” and the scams being pulled by “Claim Management” companies. Most often these two are one and the same.

I’ve used and they’ve come up with the best quotes for me thus far. I’ve used MCE which apparently are great until you need to make a claim. I don’t know how true that is as I’ve not had to make a claim yet (touch wood).

Not true in all cases… I’ve heard a couple of examples at least (Bikergirl_400 being one I remember for sure) where they were very good.

I think they are one of those companies that either gets it right or horribly horribly wrong… and probably a comparable number of each

All insurance companies are sh!t. Name me one insurance company that wants to pay out without you having to go through grief. I never call the insurance company in the even of a claim I always call my solicitors.

They do always come back wrong but in a lot of cases I find the final quote comes in lower. I guess it’s down to the generalisations you have to make on the website.

For example, I’ve been riding for 5 years but only got my cat A license 2 years ago. If you tell Comparethemarket that you passed DAS in 2010 and have 5 years riding experience then the computer says no.

I use comparison sites to get a shortlist of insurers and then go to them direct for quotes.

I got my renewal quote from MCE and can’t say I’m pleased at all. Have to point out that I do not intend to stay with them after what they dragged me through last year. They even quoted me £581 this year which is a bit too much compared to the initial £405 last year which became £455 in the end just because they blamed ME for their errors and made me pay additional 50 quid… I hope I will find something better than these scumbags.

Thanks Guys and Gals,

I shopped around and got a quote for comparable cover that is just less than what I was quoted by my (then) current insurer. It was through Hastings.

Good luck!

Don’t you just love insurance companies? They get a nice little kickback for referring you to a Claims Management company, another kickback if they refer you to the ambulance chasers, then push up premiums and blame it on the ‘claim culture’.:rolleyes: