I’ve been on to and the best quote I’ve had is £550. Any other site suggestions. As this only comes up once a year I usually forget the best ones.

Was this quote a lot higher than what you paid for insurance last year?

I’ve heard insurance has gone up a lot this past year.

Apparently MCE are doing competitive deals at the moment.

Not only have premiums gone up, but it’s hard to find anything with an excess below £600
My renewal from my current insurer was the cheapest quite I’d had, with an excess of £50, so I was properly happy with that

i quite like carol nash.
my 2004 749 costs about £300 fully comp, it is garaged in se1 and has an abus and datatag… they also provide 2x breakdown calls per yaer - a lifeline if you own a duke! (and it’s almost not sufficient!) :smiley:

i need to renew this month so will let you know if its risen. i am also bundling my c90 in the same policy.

i have 4 yrs NCB and am 30.