My CB500 insurance is due for renewal. The bike is worth 1K and the best TPFT I’ve had so far is £400 with a £300 excess and with breakdown and legal cover (so hardly worth it considering the value of the bike). That’s more expensive than last year even though I’ve got one years NCB. Please recommend some firms that I can try to see if I can do better.

Note: I thought this month the bike wouldn’t be fleecing be as it’s not due a service for a while. I was wrong. saved me 450 quid on my insurance!

You can save money with… oh no thats a different one. Well you could try that also. Good luck!

Try Paul Ashburn or his colleagues at Onebike, 02380 206805 they are pretty good at finding cheap quotes

I recently changed from theiving barstewards Bennetts to MCE who advertise on her, I am fully comp for about £360 on my CBR600F, checked the policy and it has all the same things as my previous one had for £400 less than Bennetts wanted :smiley: I have only been riding juts over a year as well so thats not a bad price at all :slight_smile:

I found the cheapest are Carol Nash, MCE or ebike. Mine is £400 Full Comp on an ER6 with 12k mileage allowance. However I have 5yrs NCB but aged 23.

I’ve been with Swinton for a few years now, the Maidstone branch 01622620446 and they are good

I think I may have said this elsewhere but Honda Insurance have been very competitive for a couple of mates:

I phoned around and got some qotes on the internet and they were all in the region of the Bennetts quote so I renewed with them TPO for 308 pounds with legal and breakdown cover.

Seeing as there wasn’t much in it and I had a positive experience with them last year I thought that renewing was a good idea. Their call centre people are pleasant too. Thanks for all the recommendations Ride on.

i missed this, i got TP only on my er5 for 185 with quin direct

1 years NCB and im 23

Another plug for MCE here. I’m insuring my new bike with them as well. Not just because they’re a Site Sponsor, but because they’re actually very good!

Don’t go with ebike! I am with them for my ER6f and also my car on the sister site ecar. Very good prices, but having just had a very nasty accident in my car, I have learnt the hard way that you can only judge a good insurance company on what happens when you make a claim. They are being really difficult. I want to take it to a Mazda approved garage, and they want me to take it a cheap workshop of their choice. I am not giving in and they are making it a real hassle. The customer service on the phone is awful - when you can get through of course, and past all the options!

I will be changing for the bike soon!!

I think insurance is like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. If you get a very competitive premium, the payback will probably be if you have the misfortune to have to make a claim.Personally I go for the cheapest available. If you do make a claim, your premium will probably be so loaded the following year it negates the benefit of claiming in the first place. And dont forget, any claim will probably affect your premium for several years to come, not just next year.

So I probably wouldn’t bother claiming at all unless it involved personal injury to another party.

You pays your money and you makes your choice.

Heh, aint that the truth Phill!

I have The Riot, a 1992 XR600 Supermoto (in mint condition) & a 1995 900ss Ducati insured with MCE comprehensive for £130. Both are on limited mileage of about 2500mls a year?

I guess you only know if cheap cover is good or bad value for money when you need to claim…

Avoid Carol Nash. They may be cheap, but, God forbid, if you ever have to use the services you pay for, you’ll be regretting it.

I got a good quote from H&R, but thankfully I haven’t need to find out how good they are.

Express Insurance is awesome. Been with them for 3 years. Just about to renew !!! :w00t: