Insurance - Temporary address?

Hello guys!

As you know I am staying with my in laws while me and my wife find jobs etc -

Having just moved from Wales to London, would it invalidate my insurance to put my Wales (parents!) address? What If I was just visiting my in laws - for a few months!

Would make my insurance a lot cheaper - See what I’m sayin’?


It’s very risky. As some of the guys here will testify, the Old Bill do spots checks in & around central London. If you were stopped, you would have to convince them your story adds up. You wont get picked up on ANPR but OB are wise to this trick now too.
Im sure there are many who do this but i doubt your insurance would pay out if you had the bike nicked & you’d be in even deeper do do if you had an accident. How confident are you of that?
(Anyone know of an instance to prove me wrong?)
You basically would have to be “travelling to/back from visiting your in-laws” on EVERY occasion if stopped and asked :wink:
The sensible solution would be to ring your insurance company but i suspect they will screw you for those few months you’re here.

Thanks on nightowl. That’s what I thought. Too risky! Maybe I should just bight the bullet and pay the 70 a month for the London address

well what do you class as your main address if you class your wales address your main residence atm you can put that down allso is that wear your licence is registerd?

on your insurance you can say my bikes kept at a different location then the address its registered at.

plus there is nothing to say your not rideing home each weekend and coming back to London for the week days only

As Niteowl said … way too risky mate and the consequences far outweigh the price - invalidated Insurance, 6 points, minimum £200 fine, possibly bike seized, bla bla bla.

yea you guys are right.

I’ll just have to wait till I find work, I am just itching to get out riding with you guys :smiley:

£300 now, and yes OB are VERY wise to this and will helpfully ring up your Ins Co and inform them of your new address.

are you moving here permanently? if so change address but otherwise don’t bother, people from wales are allowed here in the capital (unfortunately, lol) so a copper may ask wot your doing here but wont care as long as you are legal.

if your bike was stolen may be a different story claiming but then as long as they don’t find out your here for a while.

depends how long you will be here for.

as i understand they need an address which is permanent so if temporary and you make a claim ur insurance will be void and technically u aint insured then.

The all telling question is ‘At what address is the motorcycle normally kept at?’

If you’ve declared its kept somewhere else and it’s now kept in London then you’ll need to get that altered and pay London risk rates, anything else is fraud and will invalidate your insurance. You really don’t want to know what your renewals will be if you have to declare to future insurers you’ve had an insurance policy cancelled/invalidated due to fraud. That would apply to all insurance too, whether it be car, motorcycle, house, boat, plane, life or whatever :w00t:

Depends which one you get, there are many who won’t know but there are a few who will dig deep…very deep.