Insurance recommandation

Hi everyone,
I am looking for my first insurance contract. I’m looking to buy a basic 600cc as my first bike. I’m a 30 years old holding a new (December 2013) EU bike licence. I am not a British citizen and I’ve been driving cars for the last 10 years.
Would you have any good insurance company to recommend ? I am not looking for the cheapest of the cheapest, just honest guys I could count on if something bad happens.

Alternatively, who should I avoid ?

Many thanks,

It’s very difficult to tell with insurance companies because you can only review them if you need to claim and the vast majority won’t be claiming. Also a lot of the times they deal with different incidents differently. MCE for example gets a lot of stick for poor service and charging loads of admin fees, but then when a friend had her bike nicked, they paid out very quickly. Then again, on others they’ve taken their time…

Check out this guide to get quotes from most of the companies out there… It may be a bit out of date, but it’s still good

I was in a similar situation as yourself last year. Brand new full bike license, 10 years + car license, 34 years old and wanting a 600cc bike. Went for a 2003 Fazer 600 in the end, cheapest insurance at the time was RAC (underwritten by Equity) at £360 ish TPTF. Bike was valued at £1500, beyond this point, any more increase the premium by the same. Bike is worth about £1800, so figured if it was pinched the £300 short fall is what I’ve saved anyway. I did also add my wife on the policy, she’s had full bike license for over 12 years now. Policy also covered commuting and pillion (do double check this one).