Insurance question

OK, I added this to the end of another thread, but it was a little bit of a hijack so I’m starting my own thread instead. Here goes…I’ve been driving a car for 11 years and had had one claim in 2006 but had protected no claims bonus. I sold my car a couple of months ago and will be learning to ride a bike starting next month. When I come to insure a bike, will my NCB count for nothing, but my claim will count? As I’m currently uninsured with anyone for any vehicle, would I be able to come in as a totally fresh insuree? Would that in fact make it more expensive? Too many questions?!

Normally NCB is not transferable from cars to bikes and vice versa. As for the claim counting against you - it will. But then again, protected NCB doesn’t stop it counting agaisnt your car insurance. NCB protection normally only protects the percentage discount availble after your risk has been calcualted, accidents = risk so protected NCB doesn’t mean your insurrance won’t go up after an accident.

My advice is to ring around a lot and explain your circumatances and see what you are offered.

Thanks for that. I think you’re right. I just wanted a second opinion!

Yes, cant use NCB from a car to transfer to a bike, but crash the bike and you’ll loose your NCB on the car. That stings…