Insurance Premiums

Just trying to get an idea what most people go for in so far as their insurance is concerned? Its renewal time again for me. Have been insuring my VFR 800 fully comprehensive thus far, however my insurance company in their infinite wisdom have decided despite me having another years no claims that they should increase my premium by 38%. (unimpressed) After being told that this is due to standard insurance increases i have shopped around as you do and found that i can infect improve on what i was paying last year, and nearly 50% off my re quote.

This brings me to my question:

Do most people go fully comprehensive or third party fire and theft?

My bike is worth around 3k so i am debating whether or not its actually worth having a fully comp cover on it or not?



I tend to go 3rd party fire & theft, but I stick to cheap bikes that are less likely to be nicked (hopefully!) or cost to get replaced.

If you’re into long distance travel abroad, its good to get an insurer who does green cards (not all do). Carole Nash seem good for this.

I’m probably looking to change from Bennets soon too.

Edited to add: I was researching insurance on a new bike, kept outside on the parking bay outside the flat in London. To my surprise almost no insurance company would touch anything that “expensive” at about £8k. The one that did would do fully comp for £1500 or 3rd party for £800. Ouch! That was without me transferring the no claims from the other bikes. Any suggestions appreciated.

Was it that obvious?


Lol - I think they tried that on me last year, so I phoned up rapidly to complain / cancel. They quickly found me a better quote, so I stayed. Why couldn’t they have found me that first …

here is how I looked at it (having to change from fully comp to 3PFT)

value of £4.5k. If it gets nicked, or burnt then I am covered :slight_smile:

If I drop it, there is a fair chance I can repair it for under a grand (second hand pegs/levers/fairings/doing the work myself)

if I was fully comp I would have a £500 excess, so the repairs instantly cost me £500 less. Then factor increased premiums for the next 5 years if not more!!! anything under around £2.5k I would pay for myself so fully comp totally pointless at that value.

However, if the bike was worth a lot more and or I had finance on it then I would be fully comp all day long

I always went 3rd party F&T but I went fully comp when I got a brand shiny new bike last year (I was possibly a bit over cautious about putting it on the floor/through a hedge). Probably go back to 3rd party next time, having convinced myself that I can keep reasonable control of the heavier bike :stuck_out_tongue:

Having tried a few options on comparison sites, I was surprised how little difference some of the options made - i don’t think parking off road or using security made any difference to the premiums.

I think the only thing that seemed to make a difference was if you had a garage!

I do wonder if commuting to work makes more of a difference than I thought … with bikes being nicked at work locations etc even during the day

definitely parking off-road and security make a difference to your premiums. I always go fully comp, the one time I didnt, within 3 days of getting a bike, I was in an accident caused by an ambulance but because I was not fully comp and the ambulance didnt hit me, they would not pursue the ambulance for my money because there is nothing in it for them. bike was a write off, lost 2 grand and to add insult to injury, the breakdown company the police called wanted £240! for picking the bike up and taking it 11 miles to their place plus storage so any money I couldve made back by selling off bits was lost. I will never go TPFT again.

Try H&R Insurance, excellent quotes and service, or Express.

also remember and I dont know why this is the case, some insurers are biased to certain makes of bikes, its odd!

Been with them since Bennetts messed me about. H&R have consistently given me the best quotes.

Comprehensive, £130 a year, BMW 1100 cc, 5 yrs NCB parked on the drive with a xena disc lock and chained to a ground anchor. Not bad.

depends on the value you have on your machine, the downside of tpf&t is if your bike is damaged by an unknown or uninsured third paty then you will have more to loose if not fully comp.It always pay to shop around every year… also try these cash back sites, Quidco or topcashback. I just had last years insurance for a 2009 Pan, fully comp, £250 excess with Aviva through Devitt Insurance services via Quidco for £49.00. The premium was £89.00 with£40.00 back. It took 9 months to be paid back but I did get it… :smiley:
At the moment if you use Quidco and take insurance from Bennets you will get £20.00 back… I have heard of some people not being paid their money from these sites , but in general they are usually O.K.