Insurance payout 9 months!!


I had an accident last year in August, wasn’t too serious but could’ve been. I was filtering traffic and a car pulled out of the minor road without looking and I went into the side of it. I managed to fly clear of the car but landed on the opposite side of the road. Luckily I didn’t get runover and managed to get to the pavement.

The driver denied liability but the insurers blamed the car as the cause of the accident back in October 08. It has taken until today before the 3rd party insurance company has finally paid out even though they admitted liability in October. I’d been chasing the insurers for ages but was advised it’s a lengthy process, is this normal? After liability being accepted for such a delay in payment? Now I’ve got to chase my insurance company for a refund of my premiums as well as wait for my personal injury.

Anyone else had a similiar accident? Most of my friends were divided on who was actually at fault, what would you guys say?

Can’t obviously comment on who was in the wrong as i wasn’t there to witness it but yes it does seem the norm length of time for the insurance company’s to pay out (quick enough to take your money and not so in giving it back). At least it has been resolved now.

I got knocked off my first bike many many years ago and after 6 months of communication with the insurance companies i was told that i was only going to get 40% of my claim needless to say i wasn’t none to pleased but had to take it or fight and then face even more expense if i didn’t win… don’t get me started on Insurance companies :stuck_out_tongue:

I was knocked off in December, and the van’s insurance company STILL hasn’t replied with their side of things. Has been placed in the hands of solicitors now - forcing a reply.


From the experience of my two accidents, it takes months if the other party admits liability and many more months if they don’t. I’m just glad the second time I’d learnt and had fully comprehensive insurance. Made the whole process so easier.

it does take months but ure solicitor should of chased them a bit more agressively. 9 months is way too long. they should pay out money for the time without a bike / hire bike.

It is to long but i’m sure that the insurance companies (and solicitors) drag it out for either to try and reduce money paid out or to increase the fees that they charge. Either way it just results in frustration.

My first claim took 12 months to sort out, and my second has already taken 12 months. Still waiting to here whether they are going to accept liability.

Years back when I was going across a junction a car in the other direction did a right turn in front of me, so I ended up T-boning it. Blaa blaa bla- To get the final payment was about 27 months to sort out.

Night mare!!

my first accident where liability was admitted by the driver directly to the police at the scene (while waiting for an ambulance to come anbd get me) took 2 years to settle, so 9 months doesn’t sound too bad,m especially where the 3rd party denied liability!

I will never use my insurance companies solicitors again, Rider Support Services for me in future, they sorted my 2nd accident out in 6 months and that was with the 3rd party being difficult.

I’d say 24 months is pretty much the norm in my experience…

I’ll definitely use rider support or other services than the insurance companies solicitors in the future if I ever have another accident. My solicitors have been pretty slow but they were more aggressive than my insurers and knew more than them too! The 3rd party insurers spoke more regularly with my solicitors than my insurers and it got to a point where I was telling my insurance company what was going on then the other way around!!

i must say that insurance companys are very poor when it comes to dealing with personal injuries were motorbikes are involved as i have found out.iv change mine as i going nowere slowly,im using a company who only deal with motorbike r.t.a.another thing some insurance company do is to pass your personal injury claim to solictors for a fee,its very common as solictor can make huge money from long term injury when u have no fault claim your insurance company make money out of it,:w00t:bloody crookes.

Here here…although I didn’t need to get Rider Support to actually do anything when I was making a claim against a ‘supermarket chain’ after one of their delivery drivers side swiped me in his 7.5t truck, it was nice to chat to them about the claim. The company paid out just over a grand for the damage to my ZX and then offered me £2500 for my injuries…severe bruising to the right calf, knee, hip and arm and joint pain for sometime after. I fought them for a few days and told em to pay me £5000…they offered me £4000 in the end and Rider Support offered me a job cos I did so well!! :smiley:

The trouble with your situation is the fact that, although filtering isn’t illegal, it is a big no no for insurance companies which is why it is taking so long to sort. At least you’ve got it sorted though.

You want to work on my case! :wink:

I’m not sure how much i’ll get. I bruised both my knees badly but nothing broken. I was unsure at the time whether to claim personal injury but it took me off work for 3 weeks so thought I should. Also the lady driver did not help me at all. She sat in her car and waited for the police, didn’t even call me an ambulance! Cheeky *****! Luckily other motorists came out to help.

Absolutely appalling. I had to start sending letters to the insurance ombudsman to get a claim all done and dusted after about nine months of ass kissing backwards and forwards and this was when the other party had already admitted liability (a huge national company) and where several other riders had also gone down because of their negligence. Needless to say I wil never use that insurance company again and I have severed all ties and contracts with the national company.

Really fed up with being a law abiding citizen who works hard and pays their way only to be shafted at every turn and corner by thinly veiled legal robbery, greed and incompetence.

Sorry rant over and in reply to the OP yes its ‘normal’ Grrrrrr