Insurance moan

effing bennetts and RSA!

Got knocked off in January.

100% non fault, note from RSA (18th sept) to say that its 100% non fault but they are keeping the claim open after a dispute on costs with the 3rd party insurers

I have been fully paid out, both bike and personal injury clothing etc, and RSA’s the letter states that the claim being held open will not affect my ncb, but bennetts will not give me my ncb because the claim is still open.

RSA have called them already to try and sort this and bennetts blanked them for some reason I can work out and bennetts wont explain.

Any way RSA are after much hassling and ringing back, are going to give calling bennetts another go.

Cant believe they dont have away of communicating with eachother.

Any advise on how I can encourage these companies to sort it out?

I’ve thought about complaining to the ombusman

Could I make a case that them not sorting out my ncb means they are liable for the costs I incur using public transport, above that of the cost of the bike?

Any other ideas.

ring bennetts every hour until they give in

^^ Good shout

You can only go to the Ombudsman after the internal complaints system at Bennets has been exhausted. So I would start with filing a complaint certainly to Bennets if you are receiving no response or any attempt to resolve your issues then you can approach the Ombudsman for assistance.

bennetts are wank thats why i moved to MCE and i dont regret it one bit. but re your situation i would recommend writting a complain letter to head office and see where that takes you and etc.

I know they had apartheid, but what’s you beef with the Republic of South Africa?

OK after calling the “wrong” people at RSA ie the uk people and not the call centre hell people, its all sorted.

But **** bennetts for not being willing to talk to RSA or help out.

How many weeks, how much time on the phone repeating myself.

Anyway look like I can now get insured again without paying an arm and a leg.