Insurance Madness

OK the guy came to pickup the bike today and have a quick look around it and what he said astounded me…

They obviously want the bike back in the condition it was before the accident, so anything that’s got a knock a ding or a scrape they’ll want the other guys insurance to replace. Given this plus the fact of the £40 an hour labor cost they might choose the write my bike off !!! I can of course buy it back as a Cat C write Off ( financial write off ) …

When I asked what cost I could expect to pay for the bike if it is written off he said about 20% of the insured value… So here are ALL the bits they want to replace ( initial inspection )

· Left Indicator - £20

· Left Wing Mirror - £50

· Left Body Lower Fairing - £140

· Upper Fairing ( with headlight housing ) - £340

· Left Handlebar End - £20

· Clutch leaver - £20

· Gear Change set - £120

· Bike Stand Leg - £30

· Left Rear Foot peg - £10

· Rear Seat fairing - £160

· Right Wing Mirror - £20

· Right Lower Fairing - £140

· Forks ( due to scrape damage ) - £200

· Front Break Caliper ( again scrape damage ) - £120

That’s like £1400 in parts BEFORE the labor costs …

Now if I buy the bike back and use it as a track bike I’d realistically only have to change the gear Change Set to get the bike working again… The guy just smiled at me and said “this is why 75% of bikes get written off”… No wonder bike insurance is so high.

Now I know that people can get parts cheaper and I’m sure they will but the “rough off the top of his head” estimate on the costs, were “interesting” to say the least. If I get a chance to buy it back it’ll be either a repair or a track bike I guess J , who knows Mr. Christmas might have actually done me a favor here.

LOL. How nuts is that.

Sounds like a good option

Blimey, good luck with the claim mate. Track bikes are gooood…

All it means is that YOUR little fall is putting my next premium up! lol