Insurance I have no words!

Well I do but none that can be used in polite society!!!.

So I’ve been with Bennetts for years, I’ve always checked the renewal price and it’s always been the better option for me. I know they get mixed reviews but I’ve never had a problem.
Last years premium £466 for my '16 plate Street 750, locked up like Fort Knox with tracker, alarm enough chain to sink the Titanic the works, this years renewal £946.00 :open_mouth:
Nah must be an error have 8yrs no claims so give them a call to notify them of their error.

Oh that’s correct it’s because you live in London (barely) It’s a good job I phoned as it was on automatic renewal. Young lady then went away to see what she could do, came back and with the same under writer Aviva the premium came back at £489.00. heh I says how’s that workout, how could they have come up with the first figure??? No answer

I’m not annoyed that the premium went up as such it always does but over double!!! Guess what I’m doing today:rage:

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I had this years ago with them, high renewal premium so did the usual went onto comparison sites and I kid you not Bennett was the cheapest on all of them and even cheaper on those than the renewal.

So I rang them said cancel the policy here my new ref and the guy just laughed! Computers who’d use em

It’s how they make their money most of the time - they figure X amount of people won’t even look at the renewal,and just let it go through automatically.

It’s why there was such pressure in recent years (until it was implemented) to get the old/new premiums shown on the renewal documentation, with a breakdown of each item

I’ve learnt the following:

Never auto renew insurance
Always use a comparison site
Make sure you do a quote approx 30days before your renewal date.

This was you get the cheapest/most competitive rates, and then you can call up with your online reference number or even do it online.

Do make sure though, when you do the quote in advance to ensure it wont be expired before your renewal date.

I bet you, if you went online Bennett would have come up on a comparison site cheaper than the £489.

I’m soo glad I moved out of London, I now have a garage and I pay £180 for my GSXR 750 K6. 6yrs ncb.

Also saving approx 1k on car insurance.

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Aviva seem to be one of the few companies happy to insure a London address at the moment.
I’m going through the hassle of trying to get my quote down today :frowning:

I test road a Fazer 8 the other day. 3 years no claims, living in Acton, in a garage. Wanted to buy, phoned up the insurance (Devitts) and was told they will not insure faired bikes above 600CC full stop. I phoned around and cheapest was around 2k a year.

Been looking at moving to Milton Keynes, as a matter of interest I asked what the cost would be in a driveway in the area I am looking at. £210.

Same thing happened with my van this year it was just under 50% increase ,justbreplied back with an e-mail asking if they think I am stupid,and cancelled the renewal​:+1::+1:sad to say that a huge percent of the population do appear stupid or have more money than sense and don’t even check it.
On another note same sort of thing happened with my aa cover,some how it got to £159 a year when I new it should be around 80,rang them up and they said oh yea there has been a slight increase every year,been with them 19 years told them I wasn’t happy blah blah they credited me 60 quid and put yearly fee back to £79

That’s another rip off, RAC tried the same but managed to get them back down to where it was the year before.

I’m also struggling to get a decent insurance quote in London. Unfortunately the idea of moving out of London doesn’t appeal to me. So either need to suck it up or insure at another ‘secure location’

I’ve been with Carole Nash for around 5 years now - live in NW London, and they’re happy to quote on things, and it’s been quite reasonable.
Caveat - it’s garaged, and an 02 Ninja…so not the newest of bikes!

Having said that, I did a test ride for the H2 SXSE a few months ago, and doing a quick insurance check at the dealer gave me a quote around £1400 or so (fully comp).

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It’s all very silly. My insurance last year for 2 bikes (04 600 Hornet & 16 Street Triple R) was £450. Another Insurer (Bikesure) who I used to be with wrote and promised to beat any other price so I asked them for a quote. Including a change of bike, 17 Street Triple R 765 and they wanted £1500. Be Moto my existing lot said £480. So I stayed with them. Bikesure are jokers I left them because they could not get anything right.

Bikesure have yet to get back to me with a quote.
bemoto couldn’t give me a competitive one cause I live and work in London.

Ebike have been pretty much consistently the lowest price for me. They were pretty good when it came to dealing with my accident a few years back too.

Don’t forget. for an extra bit of cash back, use a cash back site such as Top cash or quidco… I use Top cash back and although not always perfect I think they are slightly better than quidco