insurance friendly postcodes/areas

As im sure some of you are aware, im looking for a new job, and new place to live (depending where i end up working)

When i moved into place im currently at, i had no idea it was as dodgy until people started telling me when it was too late!

So, was just wondering where are they insurance friendly places to be in or around London?

I lived in Surrey for 4 yrs, and like the idea of moving round West ish London

you’ll probably see a drop once you start going to zone 3 and beyond…a scary thought eh…probably won’t see much of a difference around london though unless you’ve got a garage.

I used to live in NW9, and out of interest i put the postcode into insurance quote,and it was significantly less than my current postcode of N17, without being garaged…

I hear BT postcodes are good Steve;)

very good in fact, i paid a quarter on my insurance compared to what i pay now!

Move up to Hertfordshire, very little crime, quiet, nice roads, half the price of Lunnon, can’t beat it, still only 30-40 minutes to the Ace.


i think you will pay big prices anywhere in London post codes

Use this one SW1A 1AA lots of reasons why it’ll be insurance friendly


I was going to suggest SW1A 0AA, but it is ridden with thieves

I know 1 is Buck House, whats the 2nd one?

House of Commons; don’t you ever write hate mail to MP’s and Ministers?

…must be just me then.

Steve this link should help you:

quite informative.

If you want to have a look my area Oxhey, just south of Watford just drop us a PM.

Just saw that link. NOT happy!
F* on both the places I’m at.

mine says refer???:w00t:

thats a very useful website, thanks! :slight_smile:

BR7 is an E*. Chislehurst is in BR7 and has an immensely low vehicle crime rate, probably owing to all of the barbed wire fences, high tech security systems, private gated roads, and rottweilers with sharp, pointy teeth. What a lot of tosh.

hell i’m moving to the isle of man class a!:w00t:

this cracked me up, my boss always banging on about where he lives in Chingford, hes one of those people that his bmw and where he lives is everything to him…

His area came up as refer! you should have seen his face!!!hahaha

he was saying that cant be right, that cant be right, then told me theres allot of nice cars get stolen there…