Insurance for new-build properties with no post-code history?

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I know this one has been done to DEATH! but, but! I’m in a pickle. I move this weekend to a new house, new house in every sense as it we are the first registered owners.

As the address has not got through the post office system, I’m struggling to get any reasonable quotes. I know you lot have put many a company up, and honestly! I’ve never needed to pay attention.

Now I’m listening though, any help is appreciated.

Generally if the property has utilities (water, gas, electricity) it will have a postcode, the utility companies wouldn’t normally connect to a property that hasn’t been issued with a postcode. The normal procedure is the planners will apply to the local authority for street names and house numbers/names, this can be a drawn out procedure if the councillors cannot agree on street names. Royal Mail will then add the streets, house numbers/names to its database and issue a postcode.

If you have a street name and house number/name check Royal mails postcode finder failing that contact your local Royal Mail Delivery Office and ask them for the allocated postcode. Note the Post Office has nothing to do with postcodes.

Not quite the same thing but when I sought insurance a few months ago, in addition to 20 years with no bike and therefore no NCD, the insurers couldn’t assess the risk as my area has no bike theft information. It seems there are no bikes around here, so no background data on theft risk. You might have the same problem.

I can’t tell you how much I had to pay…:scream:

Surely if there is no data then that means no bike crime!

I guess their algorithm can’t handle zeros!


I had never even consider that… Surely they could take an adjacent postcode and work the risk out from there?

Sounds like poor underwriting there.

That’s what happened with ours as it was a new development, they used the data from the postcode across the road. As that one and all the rest in the local are are A+ there was little to worry about.

You would thinks so, it’s not like I live in some isolated spot. I find insurance companies wilfully difficult to deal with, organising themselves in such a way as to make it impossible to communicate with them, layers of subcontractors denying any ability to contact the actual insurer/ underwriters.

I agree. I’ve just been through the process of renewing my home contents insurance, layers of subcontractors describes it well. They also manage to make every phone call at least an hour long - “I just need to confirm some details” - so you run out of energy, and time, to shop around.

So you end up buying insurance because you have a duty/ requirement yet can’t be sure it actually covers what you want and fear that when the time comes to claim whether you’ll be denied a payout because you didn’t dot an ‘i’.

And if they do payout they forget that you’ve paid for them to take the risk for you and attempt to recover the loss in the future. It’s a scam, fraud.

not any more, things have evolved. We needed to register the address as does anyone moving into our development. all the utilities are done via a site, a serial number attached to the plot which will eventually be added to their address DB.

honestly, it’s a nightmare. Even my internet, I’ve had no choice but to take their prefered supplier for now as I’m left with little or in this case no choice.

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They are like Casinos they never lose!!


The best quote I could find for my place in Elephant & Castle was with The AA. Just set it up today.

I was just about to pay MCE the premium, but couldn’t handle the huge excess they quoted so had one more google search. Got to the third page and there The AA were.

My insurance is actually with Axa with The AA being the broker (is that the right term? lol :man_shrugging:).

My insurance is still through the roof bc zone 1 and I’ve only had my licence one year, but very happy to have a better quote and brand I know.

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That is what I’m dealing with at the moment, insurance price as my current renewal (from the 2 which are offering quotes), but with an excess costing more than the bike is worth…

Can always insure your excess…it’s nuts to have to have a secondary insurer, why can’t the primary insurer just deal with it!

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