Insurance for module 2 test

Hi, guys, does anyone from you know if it’s possible to get a cover for a friend on my bike to do mod2 test, and if it’d be worth?

Basically, he failed mod2, and next chance for retest is in quite a future, retest price is 160 quid. I would be willing to lend my bike, if he manages to get an earlier date, but just don’t know the requirements…

Why not just go to a training school? They usually offer an hour refresher before hand and the use of the bike for the test for a reasonable fee that’s probably on par, if not cheaper than the insurance you seek & means  your bike isn’t at risk from being dropped on the U turn etc!

Well Ive learnt that training school normally book up test centre in advance. So trying to find a test date before them will be really hard.
You can go on the dvla website (I know they changed there name) to see the next available date and time slot.

Also you will have to take your bike to the test centre yourself and he can ride on from there.

Just google one day bike insurance.

I’ve paid for one day car insurance from £110. So prices will vary.