Insurance cancelled?

I’m insured with Ramesis aka Wicked Quotes on the tuono and tracer, renewal is in feburary.

got a letter today from the motor insurance bureau saying both of them have no insurance and I should sorn them.

of course customer services were closed by the time I read these. fuck.

One of the writers for Classic Bike wrote an article last month about the same thing happening to him. He contacted his insurers who confirmed he was insured & to sum it up it was down to the MIB being even more incompetent than the DVLA.

good to hear. annoying I can’t risk riding it until I check though


Click on the ‘Check askMID check your own vehicle for free’ icon

MID is dependant upon the data the insurance companies send them. So you are relying on the the insurance company to send the correct data, and MID to actually import it correctly.

This thread is from 8 years ago!

This happened to me last month. Was just checking my bank statements and spotted a dubious looking refund that seemed to match the same amount I paid for my insurance. Rang the company to find they had cancelled it (in error) so I had been riding around since the 22nd August uninsured…
Got it all sorted in the end but still a shit experience

what was the outcome of the Me_Groovy? I’m curious

The Tuono lost it’s insurance when I got the tracer. the tracer is still insured. The underwriter needs to update the MIB that’s the case

update: got a letter from the DVLA saying I need to pay a fine for not having it insured. Rang the insurer, they say everything is fine,

I check it on askMID, it is not.
ring the insurer again, they wrote down my number plate at KW15*** not KT15***.
I’ve been paying insurance on one of these:

I don’t understand how you got caught? Was this after your speeding thing ?

the DVLA matches up the taxed vehicles with insured vehicles.

Mian, this could turn into a real ball ache as the DVLA will say that if a summons has been issued they won’t do anything and to contact the court.
Your best bet is to contact the CIE (continuous insurance enforcement) team in Ipswich on 01473 217 261 who do the prosecutions paperwork on behalf of the DVLA in these matters.
pm me on fb if you need more info

What reg number is on your documents?

my documents I have by email were for my Tuono. it was only when checking today I realised they never sent me them when I moved the policy to the Tracer.

Isn’t this a case where you need a good lawyer to defend your argument?

only if the DVLA raise a stink about it