Insurance - bennets


So first time ever got a quote that was not three digits (only just)… Question is are bennets any good ?

or shall I stump up and pay for principal (extra £40, so c.40%). Been happy with them but not had much to do other that buy on the phone.

Bike is under 3k use, in Surrey, hence the price for a mid 30s guy.



i had bennetts in the past but not had to use them



The thing with any insurance company is, you just don’t know until you need to use them.

I was with Bennetts for years with no issues, only left because of cheaper quotes, but never had a claim for or against so no idea what the metal is like.



Yeah I know it’s all down to claims.

But I guess it’s also how easy they are to contact to make any changes etc

As usual online it’s all quite negative as most things are.

I think I may just go with them. I’ve used mce in the past so feel well prepared for anything



I do have a goo experience on this actually! I needed to make a change would have cost £40, but guy said add leather cover for £26 as would be cheaper no admin charge for additions. So did me a favour.



Cheers for that, ended up going with them. But ended up paying for NCD protection so not quite double digits. Still £114 is about 10% of what I was paying 6years ago.

I am slightly worried you had a ‘goo experience’ with them… Sounds like that’s an extra added service I’d want to avoid.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Anything to save a few quid



Just to add my bit of experience with call centre

Spotted that something didn’t work between aggregator and bennets site. Statement of fact still had me living in house/bungalow, despite never giving that info on money supermarket and trying to change on bennets site.

One to bear in mind if using price comparison sites.

Also the system didn’t change my cover to include pillion.

Quick call this morning, all done at no extra charge pretty quickly and smoothly.