Insurance and Mods

I am going to possably put a Penske and GSXR6 front end on my bike.

It wont make the bike faster but as the SV stock shock is shite then its a safe upgrade. Same with the front.

Now would you tell the insurance even though they will only replace with normal peices in the event of a crash?

Yep, because the insurance company will ’ null and void ’ your policy as your bike isn’t standard anymore if you make a claim.

Just ask them how much it would be IF you were to do the mod…hypothetically speaking of course)

as they are really not considered performance enhancing parts it should not really matter. Wonder why you are going for a change of the front end, most people just re spring. As for Penske shock, nice but have you looked on flea bay, they are usually a few ohlins or the like kicking about. I have a full ohlins on mine and its great. Front has been resprung and valved. Handles like a dream now.

Just tell them, most of the time they just say its cosmetic and don’t do anything.

But what you have to look out for is what they will do in the event of an accident, they may say it won’t be covered or they will replace it with stock items.

Its all costing nothing from the person that crashed that bike into the back of me earlier in the year, so i cant complain about the peices. Its better than the ZX6 shock thats in my bike at the moment which somtimes tries to flick me off the rear when i go over a bump.

The cost of the parts that i am putting on are always cheaper that the rediculous prices Suzi charges for things.
£500 for a stock exhaust can (just the can not the system). Totaly mad.
The insurance company would only replace to original anyway in my case.
They would charge more as the rates seem to have gone up this month and i am on a month by month policy with ebike.

Somebody backed into my bike for the second time in 2 years last october…speaking to Norwich Union, they agreed in principle to consider buying me a £500 Yoshi/Racefit instead of the £795rrp suzuki stock can they are in line to replace. Not a done deal as yet, but they are willing to negotiate