Instant Karma

This made me happy. All too often we see the biker get swiped off and then blamed, or forced to take a 50/50 split because it was a roundabout accident.

I hope they did terrible things to their licence.

PS can everyone see the video?

Can see it, it just takes you to Twatter.

Wow if being big white, with bright yellow and having POLICE plastered all over can’t get you seen what does?

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Saved by the ABS. That properly demonstrates the selfishness of many car drivers who are completely oblivious to anything around them.

edit: I just realised the driver didn’t fail to see one Police motorcyclist but two!!

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Dominic on one of his eye tests?



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it me or he didn’t even stop the officer had to put his flashing blue light on to get him to pull over… ffs

Thats gonna bode well for keeping your licence squeaky clean!