Inner knees of leather trousers wearing down

Hi, the insides of the knee area on my black Alpinestar leather trousers are showing quite a bit of wear. It was mainly when I had Stompgrips on the sides of the tank. I’m thinking of picking up some scrap leather and gluing it on (kinda like a patch). Any other suggestions? I’m not too fussed with how it looks and looking for the cheapest repair to stop them wearing through. Duct tape is another option I’ve considered but was hoping for something a bit more permanent.

How long you had the trousers for? Maybe time for an upgrade? 

Alpinestars new bloke leathers have an integrated rubbery patch thing on the inner knees for grip and to protect your shiny new trews.

I’m going to replace my Stompies with something a bit more leathers friendly as I’m finding them too harsh on my leathers. The Eazigrip looks like a softer option.

Yes I’ve had the trousers for a while but seems a waste when the only bit that is becoming worn is an inch circle on each side.

I’ve had Eazigrips in the past but they didn’t last very long. The top bit started to separate from the adhesive backing. Also if you get the clear ones, they turn yellow quite quickly from the sun. I can’t recommend them.

I have Techspec Snake Skin now and they are fairly grippy and haven’t had any issues so far.

+ 1 Techspec Snake Skin

The Tech Spec were second on my list, but as I’m tight arse, I thought it go for the (cheaper) R&G ones. Experience says don’t go for the clear option either, as it shows the world how bad I am at washing the bike where all the grime accumulates under the edges. Yeeooow.

The Tech Spec were second on my list, but as I'm tight arse
Surely they could be taken in.

Did you lotion your leathers or ride with them in the wet?

I do ride them in the wet and don’t lotion them.

I know they probably should be better taken care… :(

Does anyone know if having a glued on patch would cause any issues on scrutineering on track days?  If so, I might just get a new pair of trousers. 

+1 Techspec Snake Skin

Decided to bite the bullet and get a new set to avoid any issues.  I’m going to glue some leather patches on the old ones to use for road riding and use the new set for track work.

Begs the question though. 'If they’re not fit for track how are they fit for the road?

Good Q… I just have to avoid falling on the 1" circle part of my inner knee on the road!