Inforad - Speed safety camera detector

Think I am going to get one of these Inforads anyone have any experience with em? Do the work well? How easy are they to install and update?

I have one, easy to fit works well obv no good for mobile cameras. software is easy to update.

Drei got a link…

Hubby had the one you linked to Aaron on his bike. It wouldn’t work at all if the weather was hazey, cloudy or close. When it did work - clear days only, it was great. It warns you when approaching a camera, flashes if you’re going too fast then goes green when you’re in the clear.

It is rather distracting and annoying where cameras have been taken down as it still remembers them so you slow right down when there’s no need to.

For £100 if you get one that works fine then good, but if you don’t then it’s a waste.

We should’ve got in touch with Inforad/Datatool to find out what the problem was with it but didn’t bother.

why not get a tomtom (standalone or on a mobile phone) and download the locations of the speadcameras from ?

works for me… i get a double bip in headset when approaching camera (ok doesnt work if its a cop with a handheld speadgun)

pfout - you always have to have ure satnav on and mounted and if ure going for a blast its even more of a disraction.

GsxrAng - i have never had a problem with mine in any weather, if u mount the gps reciever somewhere good u should have no problems - u may well have had a faulty unit. I mounted the reciever in the back of the tail stuck to the top and 99% of the time gets a signal in < a min.

As with any gps camera detector the camera locations do go out of date and them its up 2 datatool as too how quickly they ammend there data and how ofen u update.

i just have tomtom on my phone which i carry around anyway…