Info about riding in France

A friend spotted this little piece of info in a local french paper:

The French have just passed a law, effective from 2nd March 2007: All motor cycles in France must ride on dipped headlights during daylight. I know we all do anyway but if you forget to switch your lights on after a coffee stop you can be liable for an on the spot fine of 35 euros.

Zut alor!!!

Thanks for that… will pass onto those going on our south of France trip this summer





Zut Alors…

Ha ha!

Last week in France a cop gave me a wave and asked for a chat After getting off the bike and thinking that I was going over their speed and in MPH the list of bad things that could happen started to run from side to side of my head.

To cut a long story short, the cops were great and only told me to keep below 100 (strange as I know I was only doing 95 for that corner :doze and let me go on my way.

As we all know there are a million different laws for the cops to do you on. But as long as you show respect and act like your sorry (without taking the pi$$) then you should be able to go on your way. Act like a twit and get what your asking for

I was doing some rather spirited riding through the Dordogne last year. Well, for two-up with full luggage. I came around a fast sweeper and a motorcycle policeman flagged me over. Oops! There’s an on-the-spot fine. I stopped at his feet and flipped up my visor. Bonjour.

He tapped on my headlight. I switched it on. He waved me on. Merci!

I just leave my light switch in the on position now. Always.

I get flashed here sometimes, but at least the oncoming motorist sees me.