Infinity Motorcycles - Twickenham Customers

If anyone had an order placed or an ongoing issue with the Twickenham store then could you please contact Hanger Lane branch on 020 8991 5969 and we’ll do our best to sort it out for you. Please bear with us as it may take a little time to get everything 100% back on track.


You back up and running now Jonny?

Aloha brudda

Yeah, the remaining stores are all open again and had a hugely successful weekends trading :slight_smile:

At the moment we’re only taking cash or cheques until our new card machines arrive.

Thanx for the texts dude. Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

No worries matey:)

Let me know when you get them new Sidi ankle boots in… I fancy a pair of them for cash;)

Johnny, have you lot got any Rossi Gothic AGV’s in??

Sorry dude but we dont stock the AGV’s

How’s things with you?