Indicator switch ball bearing

The switch on the handlebar for my turn signals starting getting stiff until eventually I could only indicate left. I took it apart, cleaned it up, lubed it up, put it back together, and now I’m missing 1 ball bearing. Not sure if I lost it while disassembling or it popped out earlier hence the problems indicating right. In any case, where/how can I get a replacement?

Missing bearing

A similar bearing from the other side

Measure the diameter of the one you haven’t lost and eBay is your friend. Top tip - search for ‘ball bearing’ :wink:

You’ll have to buy a pack of 10 but its only a couple of quid including the postage


^^ I’d do exactly what NT said too.

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Ah, that simple. Thank you! For a moment there I shuddered, thinking have to replace the whole left assembly (which costs a cool £150) :no_mouth:

On a side note. Man, it’s so unnerving not being able to use your turn signals (even just one in my case). Not sure how so many drivers constantly ignore them so casually.

use hand signals then, same as a bicycle.

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That’s what I had to resort to. Not exactly ideal. though. Indicating right with the throttle hand is a bit of a challenge when in motion/leaned in. Also, half of my commute is at night, so the visibility isn’t great for arm signals.

When I passed my driving tests (bike and car) there was a part of the tests where you had to drive only using hand signals and demonstrate the hand signals for I intend to turn left, turn right, slow down or pull into the left, slow down or pull into the right, go straight ahead.

I ride a BMW
whats this indicator thing your talking about

They’re the 4 flashy orange lights you turn on when you’re broken down at the side of the road :stuck_out_tongue:

So, how did you indicate right while on the move? Taking your right hand off the throttle to indicate would mean you lose speed and the vehicle behind you would need to brake.

I thought those were the “park anywhere I damn well please” lights?

A bit of an update. Got the bearing balls. Stuck the sucker inside. Put the assembly back together. The right signal now sometimes works - progress. But now the left one is almost as dodgy, and cancelling the signal no longer provides the audible click/feedback.

I had a quick look on youtube, and what do you know, that perfect round indentation for a ball bearing (I thought I lost) is also empty on the guy’s video :smiling_face_with_tear:

To be continued after another disassembly…