India-Rajasthan Motorcycle Expedition-Pushkar Camel Fair 2013 November.

November - Motorcycle Expedition to Rajasthan-Camel Fair Motorcycle Expedition to the dramatic collage of diversified pictures of princely state of India “Rajasthan”- Pushkar mirrors the vibrancy for which this gracious state of Rajasthan is lionized. And this motorcycle trip to sprawling annual festivities of Pushkar Fair takes its horizons to one another level. Portraying the marvellous cocktail of wonderful art and architecture from the bygone era, the Pushkar Fair creates a stir among the travellers with its awe-inspiring celebrations good enough to make everyone wide eyed. Pushkar Camel fair is a grand event in Rajasthan cherished with life oozing activities such as cultural and musical events, thrilling camel safari tours and a stay in the traditional camps making you feel like a local. Motorbike tour in Rajasthan is an experience of a lifetime that hovers on the mind of the travellers and leaves them craving for even more

Motorcycle Expeditions take you to this grand occasion of Pushkar festival is definitely a priceless treat for those bikers; who wish to eye the vibrant cultures and traditions of Rajasthan. Travellers partaking in the festival get a lifetime opportunity of bagging some traditional Rajasthani souvenirs such as ornaments, garments, footwear, artefacts and a lot more. Pushkar Fair is a great occasion to take a plunge into the blessings of divinity and attain the everlasting nirvana. Come along and be the part of this great event, let’s experience this legendary machine “Royal Enfield” in the country of Maharajas “Rajasthan”. join us on Maharaja’s ride in Indian sub-continent., [email protected]

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