Incredible Hulk Trailer

Yes, you read it correctly. A new version of the Incredible Hulk, so soon after Ang Lee’s. Out this Summer. It stars Edward Norton (Fight Club :D), Tim Roth & Liv Tyler.Check out the trailer link below.

It looks good, but I’ll hold final judgement after seeing it.

Enjoy everyone. :smiley:

I really hope this is superb as I’ve felt let down by pretty much all of the Marvel action hero films, including Batman Begins (which is one half of the best movie of all time and one half trash).

Let’s hope Mr Norton’s involvement and some real money spent on animation makes this the film it really should be! :slight_smile:

Looks good to me and my fav actor in it aswell, Tim Roth.

good to see Tim Roth getting some more work, get the impression times have been hard for him since the end of 90’s