Incorrect rideout procedure

It’s good to see how the other bikers stayed around to make sure he was ok. :crazy:

would never happen on an LB rideout! disgrace! Not one bike stopped to help!

Some people just shouldn’t be allowed on 2 wheels :confused:

Just how did he manage to spin it up like that, even on cold tyres? I reckon he was down to metal…:wink:

My gf said to me that on these ‘opening days’ it really is the whole town that gets together… so we are talking complete and utter strangers some times.
But to be fair to them there were a few pedestrians going to him when he crashed so they probably didn’t see the reason for more people to be there? And a lot of them stayed there (probably asking the classic ‘u ok mate?’ in lithuanian)

I’ve been getting a great insight into russian riding habits from my lady and these opening days are after months of not even looking at bikes so you add that to young guys on powerful bikes with little training and poor road surfaces… and it’s easy to understand.

I’m struggling with this one. After spinning it out he recovers and the bike is bolt upright doing about 5mph. Why didn’t he brake rather than open it up again and plough into the back of a car. That wasn’t very smart.

Worst of all - a rideout with scooters? wtf :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m guessing that many riders there barely have any experience because it is the first day of the season and people probably jump on any available bike to be involved. We used to have the same **** in Miami with lobster season. Almost every year someone died on the first weekend because loads of people with no scuba experience strap on a tank and think they can dive…

Even worse - QUADS !!! a danger to themselves and any other rider around them!!!:crazy:

When you see one on the road - and they look at you as if to say “I am also a cool dood riding for fun” - I just secretly think “No. You are a twat who can’t cope with 2 wheels” :smiley:

They do look fun though

In case the above the doesn’t work:

Maybe it was a mechanical failure? Sticky/jammed throttle perhaps?

it’s not a rideout… :smiley:

well not in the way we know it here…

He’d fit in well on the bcr :smiley:

you could tell by the way he paddled out of the car park it was going to be him. he looked like he’d never ridden a bike before…

It takes all sorts

Looks to me as if he’s making an attempt to pull a wheelie. He exits the car park slowly, hangs back from the bikes in front to give himself some space, lines it up and loses it. He appears to jerk back in the saddle twice just before the rear wheel loses traction on what looks to be a wet/damp road surface.

What he’s doing just before the impact only he knows, possible lining it up for attempt number three on the wheelie and totally not seeing the parked car.

He also didnt realise, as a prank, that his mates had removed the ramp for the car jump he’d planned!:exclamation:

Did anyone ever crash on that ride? :alien:

DAMN… some one just broke both wrists and dipped his nuts into petrol :Whistling: