In Search of the Italian Job

Not long back from a glorious ride over to France/Italy on the XV1900/Roadliner to play on the roads where they filmed the original Italian Job, Turin, Aosta, Ceresole Reale, etc. Mountain passes by moonlight, hairpins that make the bike u-turn test look like Santa Pod. Un-effing-believable. Got down to Monte Carlo and gave the casinos a bit of a buzz. First time over there, certainly won’t be the last. Is it me/adrenalin or are the EU roads less tiring than UK? Bike behaved beautifully, burned out the rear brake on the mountains but no biggy. All the bikers I met/saw out there really very friendly with lots of leg and hand signals. France seems to shut en masse in August and they all go somewhere else. Never experienced such empty/open roads. Brilliant. Life’s cool when the focus is simply where to camp (asked the guy at one place where we could camp and he said anywhere, so we pitched in the outside games room!) and where to get a tank of gas and some food (and the sun is shining. Hey ho. Back to the real world.