In office still...

Friday night, 10pm, amateur editor hour, he’s struggling with his joba nd I have to sit here and babysit him whilst he does cos I’m in charge…


assuming you’re not all out having a good time… Bah Grumpy Ruddy Humbug!

Not long finished myself :wink:

Shall we play snap? :stuck_out_tongue:

or you could waste your time finding a 2007 honda cbr600rr service manuel for me;)

You’re looking for a Spanish bloke to service your bike ?!?!?! :hehe:

umm yea as long as he’s from barcelona:P

I packed up work at 2pm yesterday.:stuck_out_tongue:

You could have joined in with JohnP and his game of Naked Twister:w00t::smiley:

Chunky, i only play naked twister with you and Westie.

With Westie gone, we need a new partner John:D