In memory - Tony McIntyre aka The Black Knight

For those that don’t know, unfortunately one of our own, one of the very first members of LB and one of my very first biking friends has passed away - Tony McIntyre aka The Black Knight passed away this week at home. Details are light and probably best kept off this thread out of respect.

The world has lost one of its greats. Tony felt like a brother to me at times and was as much of a part of my definition of biking as any motorcycle or the tarmac we rode. His buoyant and care-free humour often put him in the middle of the jokes but always high in people’s estimation. Farewell brother, until we ride again…

There’s a dedication page on Facebook:

And I’ve posted a tribute photo gallery as well:

Rest in peace, fellow biker.

RIP Tony.

RIP, my condolences to his friends and family

R.I.P. Tony

He was a top lad!

RIP Bubble. You were a crazy character but a great guy… Tear it up in the big sky fella.

My condolences to you Jay. I’m sure I met Tony at Bar Italia a few years ago.

I’m sure I saw him around the Ace, that pony tail and piercing look very familiar.


Indeed, there will be one fewer bikes up on Frith Street. RIP Tony.

Rip, condolences to his friends and family

RIP Tony.

RIP Tony… The biker community has lost one of its best. :frowning:

Before my time on here but never the less, a shame to lose a fellow biker. RIP and condolences to friends and family

One of the LB old timers. Very saddened to hear this.

RIP fellow.

Sad to see a fellow LB family member no longer with us


R.I.P :frowning:

One of the faces, RIP Gezzer

God jesus im still trying to get my head around this like many of us are…

My first memory of Tony, Perched on top of his petrol tank on his R1 just sat there talking to people…his pony tail on top of his head made him look like a little pixie :smiley:

He was one of theose blokes you would see everywhere…even if you didnt know him you knew thats where the crowd was. Always a bloke to give you a hug and always interested
in what you had to say…

I literally saw him last week - if ide knew it was the last time i would of said something different…

Sleep tight my mate…god bless…

Not so smiled…