Impromptu Charity Fundraiser for LAA

OK, so I waited until like 5 days before the damm event to book tickets for the Premiere of I, SUperbiker at Leicester Square… NEXT MONDAY (March 14th, at 20:30) so that I could be sure I wasn’t working and nothing would ruin my appreciation of BSB on MAHOOOOOSIVE SUPER SIZE SCREEN for once… and 5 minutes after I book the damm ticket, the dozy German slags who I was booked to work for on Tuesday and Wednesday change their flights so I have to rent a van, and pick them up in not 1 but 2 ruddy trips to Stansted… guess WHEN they’re flying in… Monday, March 14th, first flight lands at 16:30, and second one at 22:00.

SO, I now have 1 ticket going spare for I, Superbiker.
Awesome seat, chance to hobnob with BSB Superbikers and do a Premiere (alright there’s no actual red carpet, but chirst my front doormat is red, what does the colour of the carpet actually really matter).

It cost me £15.70, but for a straight donation of £10.00 to LAA I’m prepared to give someone this ticket… if you want it of course…

Prove you paid Andy, Lou, or that eternal LB site absentee… Jay someone or other ( :wink: ) and I’ll email you the booking confirmation…


bumped (for a good reason, of course… :wink:

Oh man alive! What a massive epic fail!

Andrew&7 will be going to the premier to shoot the starts on the red carpet tomorrow.

hmm thinking about it

I’ll donate full price for that, will put it on the justgiving page, :slight_smile:

Aww nice one SOLD!:smiley:

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: