Impatient silver BMW drivers

Doing a right hand turn, there were a stream of oncoming cars overtaking a stationary vehicle.

I decided to stay in the middle of my lane to buffer the oncoming cars clipping past the dashed white line.

This impatient BMW driver starts honking me several times. I guess I could see his point, about holding up traffic

behind me, but it really wasn’t safe to move into the dashed area.

Anyway, after turning, he was clearly riled and drove up to my rear wheel aggressively and honked again and again.

I suppose there are always going to be righteously indignant and impatient drivers like this. But is there anything else I

should have done in this situation?

slow down, let him pass, say nothing
let the loons, particularly if they are armed with 4 wheels against your 2…

Yeah sounds about right…

You never know if you give them the ‘wank’ sign and then pull over to get off the bike they could end up being an unmarked police car! :pinch:

Or they’ve got a big mate riding shotgun!

I decided a long time ago, that its just not worth worrying about. I used to be like, all up in thier window. But, its counter productive, besides you’d fill yer week up getting angry at the fucktards on our roads. Besides, they’d probably take it out on the next biker that comes along, believing we’re all the same. Be curteous if you can, helps us all out in the long run.

Just try and keep calm and carry on.

But how?

The road wasn’t wide enough for me to let him pass. I would have to move into the hashed white line
as close as possible, and then he would either clip me, or the oncoming traffic would clip me from the other

Maybe we could start a club although i gave the bird least the copper hand a sense of humour …lol

Take his/her photo, including his her number plate as they eventually pass you - post it on the web and shame them.

^^^thats exactly what he did, apart from the picture and numberplate. this driver must be sweating pigs right now knowing its been shamed on the internet!!! :w00t:

If you can’t pull over keep going at a reasonable pace so if he does do something stupid its not a big off.
When you can let him go. You’re in control of your vehicle not him, don’t let his actions dictate your driving, cos that’s just dangerous

There are a lot of psycho self-important twats around London. You can’t expect them to think logically, so why bother trying to figure them out using logic?

Give em a wide berth if possible. If not just ignore 'em. Sorted.

You should have ****ed his **** up.


I think a stationary burnout is the standard thing to do in this situation. That’ll deposit a lot of molten rubber on the car which will look great against a silver backdrop.

Neat, and probably far more satisfying too! 10/10 waxy

I think the bit I failed to do was to take the drivers’ numberplate. It just didn’t occur to me at the time.

Thanks guys - I’ll bear this in mind next time.

you’ve got to be kidding right?

what on earth are you gonna do with his numberplate? seriously?

maybe, just maybe this fella had a very good reason to be in a hurry? get a grip.

Get a helmet camera!

You probably could have moved over to the right a bit more, he was taking umbrage at the fact you were ‘blocking’ his way. If you had move over to the right then he would see that you had tried to give him room, but there was none there, people are not likely to clip you undertaking as it would be their fault.

So the only thing would have been to not block the lane, but then again you were only doing what a car would have been doing to him in the same situation…