iMovie + custom images/graphics

I have iMovie for my bike based videos.

I think its great for starting out and you can do alot. But I’ve got to the stage where I want to add in my own graphics, images and text bubbles etc.

Does anyone know a piece of software that I can use?
Can this be done on iMovie?
What video editor do you use and why?
(links to your vids would be awesome too)

*sorry for the non-techy way of writing this post. As you may tell, im not a techy guy!

Not my strong point, but you can add your own graphics to iMovie films, these could be speak bubbles graphics, as far as I know there isn’t an actual feature to create these directly within iMovie.

The more advance film making apps on the Mac are and

Yeah Ive seen fianl cut…£200…hmmm…tempting.

Ive found out you can upload any pics to your iPhoto and then import easily into iMovie - ill give that a go!

I’m using Corel Video 4 at the moment. It generally does okay, no complaints.