Image sharpening

Car made off after RTC and my pic of vehicle is abit grainy and can’t clearly make out registration, anyone got any tools to try and sharpen image?

Hi Curtis, photography’s a hobby of mine and I’m more than happy to put the picture in Lightroom and see if there’s anything can be done with it, but it’s hard to say whether it’ll work or not without seeing the picture



If you have the evidence of the actual collision is there any CCTV locally that may show the car before/ after that will show the registration more clearly.

Not that I noted & unfortunately the vehicle I happened to be in today had no CCTV fitted on it :man_facepalming:

All I have is my poorly taken image of the car as it made off. Initially looked like a minor scuff to my vehicle but it must of knocked the ABS sensor on N/S /F wheel as it’s now throwing off a brake fault warning

DM photo and once I will be at home I’ll try to get it for you. I have tonne of apps including full set of topazlabs as doing laser engravings, will see if I will be able to help you

Likewise happy to have a go at lightroom Photoshop to see what we can see

I’m pretty sure the reg I messaged is right, but I also noticed that the 37 bus “PM316” was right behind the car. I’m guessing that if the police ask TFL (if the police can be arsed with it) they will be able to get footage from the bus

As it’s minor damage only I doubt it…but on plus side hopefully they’ll seize vehicle as it’s not MOT’d, taxed or insured….

I’ve worked out the reg by looks of it so those that I messaged don’t feel obliged to do anything else unless you want to!

Showing as No tax, no MOT, therefor not insured…Surprised…Not

Left with police to follow up


yeep no mot no tax no insurance

I see the DVLA’s you cannot hide is working well then!!

Yikes, that could be £££

Works vehicle so not my expense fortunately

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Oh yes. When my dad had company cars they had to report everything.

Had that on my Audi, the plastic ring the ABS sensor looks at had snapped. new one wasn’t too bad.

you have just dropped down on the cool list by admitting you owned an Audi

It is an A2 though, not a boring one.