iMac or MacBook Pro 13"

Need help pweese!

Would like opinions as to which i should get…

both are £999.

iMac you get more for your money…

Macbook is portable…
If you could spend your 1K on a mac which one would it be?

Well if I needed portability or was short of space at home I’d get the macbook. But for bangs for bucks and screen size I’d take the iMac.

Personally I own a original black MacBook and have larger screen to use when at home. Best of both worlds :slight_smile:

Having seen the build quality of the iMac I would say MacBook.

If you get the MacBook Pro you can always buy an external monitor later - then you can use both at the same time and have a dual-screen rig when you’re at home.

i bought a 13" macbook pro last week and love it, gave the imac to the kids, the mac book does everything the imac except tie you to a desk :slight_smile: i love it.