im thinking about ordering a 2014 ZX636...

ive wanted one for a while now and i think maybe i should indulge myself, i have never had a brand new vehicle but i know its highly recommended to run it in low revs for something like the first 1000 miles and the first service is kind of a big deal ect.

does anyone here have any horror stories about brand new bikes? (regardless of manufacturer or year of purchase)

is there anything i should specifically keep my eye on with a new bike?.
and finally, any other helpful advice or tips to maintaining the beast?

ALL information is gratefully received. thanks guys and girls

UPDATE 19/06/14 @01:53AM
it has been ordered!!!

Kwaks are good bikes especially when new (and under warranty).

I have been looking at these but am drawn to the Suzuki GSXR 750 - did you ride the Gixxer and if so what did you think?

i have looked at gsxrs but i havent ridden one no, i like the cosmetics, and im sure the engines must do their job because everyone seems to own one, since they came back i have seen around 4 636’s but gsxrs are a daily sight where i am.
i have always really liked Kawasaki though and i fell in love with this specific model.
im pretty sure i NEED to own it.
since i have an old ZX6R i want to feel the difference between an old engine that is hard to kill and a new, smooth, sleek, fuel injected orgasm machine on wheels…
sorry did it get hot in here? :hehe: