Im not a Streetfighter, Im not a sportsbike, im a cb500...

So where should I post…

Scooters and small bikes? :smiley:

If you are wanting more specific information for the CB500 then I know of two forums dedicated to the CB/CBF500. If you want the addresses send me a PM.

Nope I don’t ride a CB500, me I am posh, I ride a CBF500:D

Why not. We’re the Milwall of the biking world, but we’re generally friendly to strangers :smiley:

in the letter box:)

Anything under 600 is small right? :smiley:

aw bugger that means my genesis gotta go in with small bikes as its 599cc :slight_smile:

could go in sports bikes though if you got a vivid imagination :smiley:

dont need one of those with that sig of yours…

and yeah wheres my classic bikes section! it could go in there! :Whistling:

Surely you know by now, it’s not the size that’s important…it’s how you park right it on top of the nicest big geared bike in any bike bay :wink: :smiley:

Well it is a cb500 ‘sport’:wink: BIG difference from my CBR600F ‘Sport’…that it replaced!!!:crying:

Atm I’ve found a cb500 msn style forum group which is good.