im looking to go to wales in november

Hi me and my gf are looking to go to wales for a week in november we are going from high wycombe we would like to know a good route to go and also any cheap bead&breakfasts we can stay at in a nice area with pubs ect:D

First things first, you don’t need a good route, you need some warm and absolutely waterproof riding gear for Wales in November.

The route and such like come second.

have plenty of warm riding gear

George and me went to wales in June, when i’m not about to fall asleep, i’ll put the route we took onto google maps or something and post it up for you. It was a really good trip, we didn’t plan too much, but the route we took seemed to work out pretty well.

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cheers michelle i would appreciate that:D

hope the flooding is over by then :stuck_out_tongue:

should be ok

Surely the weather can’t be worse in November than this August?

Back to the route question. On a bike, I put a straight line on a map from start to finish and just follow the nearest A and B roads, with minimal or no motorways, then use that.

If there is an into and out of biggish town bit, I’ll think again and maybe opt for a minor diversion. Given a choice, I’ll go for the pretty route with bends rather than the straight line job.

Works for me.

i have been to Clearwell just on the English side of the border and just driven round

Lovely scenery and will be great in the winter months as you get to smell all the coal being bunt in open fires. May sound odd but really takes you back to a bygone age

Loads of pubs with rooms in Clearwell and an old tin mine that is converted into Santa’s grotto near Xmas