Im leaving London and moving to Bishops stortford

My lovely better half has finally left her herendous shitty job that she worked her arse off for and secured a job in Bishops Stortford, so we are getting out of London and moving into a nice little flat (Deposit was put down today) If all goes to plan we should be moving in on the 17th!


I wont be a LONDON BIKER (As much) more of a biking Londoner…

So many mixed emotions…

Yeah - but you’ll be really close to Finchingfield, so it’s all good!

All the best with the new job and the move.

New flat, new life - I hope the move brings some good luck too…

Good luck mate, hope you wont disappear and we will catch up every now and then.


whats at finchingfield?

thanks for the support!
and yeah! il still be back faurly often… :slight_smile:

Awesome twisty roads :cool:

Have fun:)

(Have you any idea what B.S is famous for?):w00t:

The stomping ground of the bcr, take a walk along the lanes and you will pick up enough parts to make a bike :smiley:

Nope, It was just another village until a few days ago!

Now you can have a ride with the rest of the Essex bandits haha Finch, Burnham bends and the lanes wohoooo

I’m going to have to google these places… I’m a Londoner, :confused:

Enjoy your time in the country side of Essex, where all the people look kinda related/retarded/retired/rangerovered

The roads around Finchingfield are awesome :w00t:

Bishops Stortford is quite a nice place too

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the only good thing about Stortford is the road out of it

Good luck … :slight_smile:

I lived in Stortford for a few a years and it’s not like it used to be … but where is? There’s good and bad like everywhere.

I’m just 10 mile down the road. The roads aren’t too shabby out here.

You do realise that travelling to be LB’s angel of mercy is going to involve serious mileage.

Best of luck Brett!