im hardcore me.........

went to cubana it rained got to cubana and it pissed down, then went to the ace lost everyone got soaked rite through and i mean absolutley soaked, aqua planing cars nearly hitting me… fookin rain like buckets of water after tonite i will ride in anything and on top of that i learned a valuble lesson boys and girls at my expense i think!!

That it never rains but it pours?

I’ll be sure to get you a medal for next week mate On a positive note, I’ve had some of my best rides in the rain.

i almost wrote off the k6 on the way home…im so lucky…

4x4 just stopped on the old kent rd , me and another biker both shocked as hell ,almost went into the back of him…it happend so fast…i just locked up my rear brake and the nose of the k6 pointed to the side of the 4x4…just missing him…i was all arms and legs…had to stop in the middle of the road as my plums got squash’d pretty bad…wimperd the rest of the way home…

that was really too close for me and has totaly sh*t me up…

at least im ok…wew…

not so smiled.

I made it home on the K5 in one piece… Good to see the Hardcore of us out!!

smiled i am glad you made it ok, you have to allow for these w###ers, even more so in this weather.

anyway i am glad to have met a few of you guys tonite.

after tonite i think you shuold open a sub-aqua branch.

i hear ya brother


I cant wait…smiled doing his benny hill come fred flintstone st george ride dance in flippers and waterwings……Quality !!!

never gonna live that down…lol!!!


Nope !!!..I just wish someone had a Bike Cam or something…you,d be top of the LB Video Hit Prade mate…specially if they managed to catch the kids in cars whacking their Mums and Dads on the backs of their heads to look at the “Funny Man Running along the Motorway” !!!


i only did it to amuse myself…lol…and have a stretch…lol



We don’t want to know about your private life mr

Its not the weather stopping me its 1 inch of tempered steel containing a snapped drill bit

I had hell last night. EBC pro-lite disks with HH pads dont work at all when very cold and wet. I had to realy slow down as if and when i decided to brake the first second or two did not get much braking power then it would hit hard once the disks had warmed up. It was like that all the way home from riverhead in near pitch black in parts. Other than getting totaly soaked through my boots and half on my jacket, it was a nice ride.