I'm going bald!!

I’ve just notice my hair in falling off the top of my head, i think it might be because of wearing my helmet on hot days when it can get sweaty inside or maybe i’m getting to old!:doze::hehe:

Any one experience the same?? What to do???Ahhhhh:w00t:

Fashion it into a snazzy Scargillesque ‘combover’!!!

Shave it all off. :slight_smile:

It just proves you’re sexy;)

Stop arsing about and buy some clippers with length guides. (Argos)

Find the guide that gives you what you “like” and go for the short crop. Stop being vain, be practical.

There is no alternative to the crop. . .

unless you want to look like this. . .:w00t:


hahaha, superb. you could always go for the ‘mullet’ and just shave the top, business up front, party in the back

One of the many joys of marriage and fatherhood. Just ask PJ. :D:P

Got to shave the head

The long haired blonde in the building has just done the short crop because she got fed up with “helmet hair” (Carefull on the reponses, please.)

Blimey. Does she look hot now.

I think we’ll be the judge of that. before and after pics thanks

male pattern baldness is due to excess testosterone so no bad thing there mate, live with it with pride or buy a rug :smiley:

About 3 or 4 years ago I cut my hair short and realised that as it regrew, I was starting to look like that Shaun-i-was-barry-evans-off-eastender-Williams dude.

I did then what I always said I’d do if I started going bald - buy a good pair of clippers and have done with it.

I don’t have to wet shave no more either - do the beard and the barnet at the same time, once a week and its only just starting to look post-trendy by the last day.

If you don’t get disciplined about it quick smart, you can end up finding that complacency is a comfortable place, but the devastating result is out there for all to see:












You guys crack me up!!:w00t:

Maybe Mr. Jetsream will organise a ride out just for bald riders and we can even call it the The Balders Club Riders!!:wink:

That’s got a nice ring to it. :smiley:

cueball massive

As others have said, shave it all off, then pimp that chrome dome to the max!!, wax it , buff it up then let your baldness shine for all to see and bask in its glory. Maybe get a metal stud mohican…

You’ll be fighting the chicks off.

Yea i know its childish and i shouldnt feel smug…but hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha;):hehe:

Incidentally…gained from my recent forays on match.com i found that in my age group ( 50+ ) very roughly 80% of women wanted guys with ‘own hair’ which i assume means no rugs and no ‘just for men’.

Although around 60% seemed happy with the ‘thug’ shaved look .

now the interesting bit is that although more than half put down long hair as a ’ turn-off ’ that didnt stop many of them contacting me once they had seen the photo and convincing me that they really wasn’t turned off afterall :slight_smile:

Dunno about other women, but I personally think a shaved head is sexy…unlike a comb over that looks terrible.
Get rid and stop worrying about it! :smiley:

Hehe - miggy, just deal with it. There’s nothing wrong with it.

Shaving with clippers is the best option. Just think of all the time you’ll save getting ready in the morning. Your wife will love it - meaning she has more time in the bathroom. :hehe:

About time I changed my avatar - it may become a sensitive subject to the comb-over crew! :hehe: