I'm done

So BeMoto have just quadrupled my policy from 500 to 2310 due to the theft and MCE subscribe won’t even give me a quote so I’m done. So long and thanks for all the fish! Bike’s getting sold and I’m giving it all up. All because some little cnt thought he could make few £. It’s cost Bemoto 13k to get the bike back to me so that’s money they won’t get back. So fkin gutted!!

Jeez gutted for you.

Sorry to hear about your ordeal.

I was in a similar situation after my crashes.
What benefited me was
a) keep hold of the scooter, even if insurance was more than what is was worth!
b) giving myself a break from riding, albeit helped by poor health
c) move away from London, helped massively when I got the Aprilia.

I sincerely hope you would reconsider and find a way around.
It always makes me sad when a biker gives up riding due to adverse circumstances.


Thing is, they’re not supposed to get it back. They spread the risk over many riders and policies. We’ve got so used to the idea that insurance companies expect not to have to pay out when it is precisely what they are supposed to do.

Bikes are expensive these days and so easily damaged, the costs to fix them can be huge.

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Sorry that the fun is over…perhaps for just a while.

I assume you tried Compare the Market, Go Compare etc with excesses set to max, third party only, etc etc to get the quotes down? Can you negotiate the use of a garage if you don’t already have one? Did you have protected no-claims?

I have a heavily modified (by the previous owner) GSX-S1000 which initially I was refused cover for due to the modifications, just persevered online and found a policy for a good price.

That’s a shocker. I hope you can find an insurer.

Oh man that’s horrendous! I’m so sorry to hear this.

I had a quote of £2k+ when I moved into Hayes with zero no claims, MCN Compare couldn’t even get me a quote at all. Ended up with https://www.lexhaminsurance.co.uk/ who I’d never heard of. They came in at just over £1k, but they’ve been brilliant in trying to find a solution to actually get the bike insured at all.

Painful for a few years until I get the no claims back up again, but not £2k+ painful. I hope you can find a way to keep the bike man.


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I’ve used Lexham in the past, they were the only ones to insure my KTM 690 when I bought it. I’m now with Devitt.

That’s shitty all round

been in the same boat now with Hastings

did you post this on reddit? man i hope not if so somebody else is suffering exactly the same thing as you. I am so sorry :frowning:

It’s sad I was quoted £2,100 for CB650 2022 9+ no claims, managed to get it for £800 this year. But I worry about next year. The FJR is triple the CB.

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