I'm def doing with with Ellie

:slight_smile: :smiley:

just dont tell the missus!

Lmao wow that guy has got good aim.

On holiday I threw Archie up into the air in the pool and would catch him just as his feet touched the water. shame he kept saying again again I was shattered!

I won’t tell her… but how much is this worth to you? :smiley:

What a great video and great fun!

I properly LOL’ed at that…

That is awesome!

What’s the title?

I want a whole room full of those big beanbags, and I’m buying me a cape! :slight_smile:

Good luck finding someone to throw you.

PMSL can you imagine posting something like that on youtube if you were from this Country - you’d have every do gooder and child protection nonse bashing your door down…

I was amazed that there was not many dislikes for that video.

That’s brilliant…:smiley:

Just don’t let your missus she you do it, or else she’ll be doing it with you sans the cushions. :smiley:

lol perfect aim does look fun