I'm climbing Kilimanjaro in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care

Greetings all,

I know LB do great charity work, and I hate to distract those efforts. But I wanted to raise awareness for this challenge and if anyone can spare anything it would be appreciated.

In January I will attempt to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro and I’m aiming to raise £3000 for Marie Cure Cancer Care.


I got a blog at http://mulveyvkili.blogspot.com/ and you can follow @SteveMulvey on Twitter.

I will be selling some old stuff, including bike bits I’ve collected when I get around to listing them. If you have anything I could ebay or carboot on your behalf it will all go towards the fundraising efforts.

I’m also planing some events, and will keep you posted.

But if you are in the Harrow area, keep the 6th October free as I’ve got a night of rock/ska/punk bands and DJ’s lined up with all the entry fees going to Marie Curie.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…

You’re all awesome (and very sexy!) :smiley:

What a great cause

I’ll be following your progress and will happily donate…

Good luck!

Thanks Conrad!

I do have one query for everyone though. I’ve got and old exhaust and a security chain for sale in the parts thread.

Am I asking for the right money for these? Its just if they don’t sell on here I don’t want to get ripped on on ebay. Especially when I’m trying to raise as much as possible.




Great cause… won’t take that away from you…BUT

Why does it seem when anyone is after some sponsership money they ponce on here?? Does nobody have any friends anymore?

Hey I am just saying what other people are thinking but probaly don’t want to say…

I’ll donate £1…100 of the finest english 1p pence…


South Londons Finest

Oh I forgot…Its the LB family en it…Bit like the adams family





It’s like an animal farm

Moto-King - You’re too funny… I think we have a new LB game called dysfunctional families! I wonder who the mother would be lol.

You’re right, a lot of people pop up on here asking for money for all sorts of causes. And I know if we were all minted we’d happily donate. In my opinion, its not just LB, but bikers in general have always seemed to be more generous and caring. Showing more thought for others, not just with money for chairty, but stopping to help others and each other.

Maybe its the reason why people turn to LB when they are looking for the generous few.

My friends have been helpful, with both money, equipment and support. And I have friends on here too, whom I don’t get too see very often. I know its a blight on those that see too much of these things and I apologise for adding to spam of charity requests.

And on a last note, I hold you to your offer of a £1! Every bit helps! lol

The justgiving.com site is also set up to recieved donations by text (no credit card needed), text ‘mulv99 £1’ to 70070 and it will show up on the page. Thanks I’ll get the teas in at a meet soon!