Im bald!!

How many of you ther bikers have the stream-lined look?!.. My lid is abit loose on the ole noggin now though! :unsure:

Been like that for the last 3 years - it started thinning on top so I bought a set of clippers and do me face & beard with 'em once a week - no more shaving, no more trips to the hairdressers, no ‘helmet hair’ (I know, I know! That sounds sooooo wrong, but y’all know what I mean - keep it clean! (the jokes, not the helmet… although, that as well… LOOK! will someone please take this spade off me - I’m only 5’6" and this hole is getting deeper))

What were we talking about?

You have lots of hair sir. Some of us have the solar panels that require a bit of polishing and we are fully recharged. :smiley:

I have the exact opposite hair! :hehe:

Does a Timotei hair-flick

Its all about the ‘Baldie’ and the freak show weight lifter moustache! :smiley:

Not gone the minimalist route yet myself, however do find the lid feels very different when ive had a haircut.

my fella is bald, i like it. can grip on to his head better while he is… :stuck_out_tongue:

Me :wink:






I only tend to be bald when I have got drunk and deciding giving myself a trim is a good idea.

Grade 2 always ends up as totaly bald so the clippers have been hidden away and it’s down the barbers every 4 weeks :smiley:

STOP SHOUTING PAUL!!! I can read you :wink:

What? to a Brazilian?

Mate, don’t go there, it won’t look pretty on a man ;):stuck_out_tongue:

you sound like you know what your talking about…:Whistling:

lmao, nothing wrong with mowing the lawn every now and again to keep it tidy! Although I wouldn’t go as far as a makeover by Groundforce! :w00t:

i dunno as long as its charlie dimmock that does the pruning:P

I’ve thought about it, and as much as I like watching her smuggling peanuts under that t-shirt, a bag over her head might be dangerous for the old fella! :w00t:

I have heard from a reliable source that middle-aged men with a full head of none greying hair are also noted for putting on a particularly stimulating and youthfull performance in the bedroom :smiley:

I sahve my head to a grade 1 and i wish i never had hair.