Im Back!

…ok, so maybe nobody noticed…

for those that did notice, Ive been offline for a few weeks now coz Ive been moving my life out of London… pics to follow, but Ive bought a country pub with my old man & sister… a lovely place, with a big garden. one of the best things about though - its halfway down the A272 towards winchester dunno if anyone knows that road (except you Foxy) but take my word for it - its stunning, especially towards winchester… anyway, Jay, Foxy et al… while there is still some sun left, you are all welcome to drop by & say hi… If you cant, then Ill still be making it up to boxhil midweek & can do the odd frith st friday night when things have settled in the boozer, so Ill be around.

cheers guys


The Queens Head
Village Road
Nr Petersfield
GU32 2AH

Hey Ben! We did notice Has the move gone well? We miss you down Soho already… We’ll definately have to come down to your new gaff for a ride and some tucker, let’s see what the weekend brings!

Sounds nice. Hey I’d be up for a ride down there at the weekend if the weather’s good

cheers Jay!

the move has been sudden & we are not properly sorted here yet - we are waiting for the decorators before we can properly move in, so, still living out of my suitcase at the moment… the pub is busy though - we’ve had great weather though, so we shall see how it pans out.

It would be good to see the gang over here, so like I said, LB is welcome here anytime!

cheers dude


Welcome back. Me and a load of mates are quite often blatting the A272. Will have to try and get in to see you sometime. I hope that the venture all goes well for you down there.

Hey Ben… Did you go somewhere??? LOL… Would love to come and see you… The roads… Mmmmmmm… OOooohhh they is mighty good… Hope your keeping weel mate…