Im Back With My Baby

Well picked up my baby on thurs took a slow ride home, cos me knees still not 100%? Had some nice person pull out and do a u turn, ooh about 15 mins after i got on the bike, so nothing surprising there…

Friday me and Abbeyj went up to ace, bit quiet i thought, for a friday…(bit of cloud and you all find other things to do, i know!) On the way home, another nice person decides to throw a can straight in my path and when i pulled up beside him, refused to look at me, although i was waving my hand back and forth (as in “go play with yourself mode”)…but come on!! it dont take long for them to bring you back to reality does it…ive been off bike now for 2 mths…and straight away you are aware of complete assholes all around you, once back on your bike!

Then today, had some good news from Da Artist…hes been offered a part time job, hes been told someone will help do up his bike for him, and hes got the parts he needed for it…so hes smiling…PLUS

No: 1 son scored for his team, first game of the season in the Conference, they won 3-1 (Weymouth)

No:2 son scored for his team, first game of the season, they drew 2-2 (Romford)

Leyton Orient won first game in Div1 (my second best team…Hammers being the first)

But then we find another one of us has had his bike stolen…so where someone has good news for once, someone else has bad…why cant it balance out???

There are some rights Pillocks out there Blade, don’t let them get you down.
Tell you what…why don’t you treat yourself to some new decals,
Or are you gonna need another mortgage to cover that,
Good to see ya Friday, not sure if you went to Bash II but hop you had a good weekend, whatever you got up to.
Easy now, Mr WanKenobi

By the way…that bike is scorchio!

glad to hear you’re back up & riding again - despite all the other morons out there!

nice to hear your back on the road does this mean we will see you on flatouts rideout

Nice one Miss B that job was top secert btw

Roads and aholes not changed much eh

Good to see ya Friday, glad your baby’s up and running again

Morning hun…glad ya back up and running…be good to see ya at Cubana this week then…

warm welcome back blade xx

Da Artist? OOps…sssssorry

Yeh Ginger, i will be there at Flats rideout…cant wait to see u all…

Yeh Barro, hope to be at cubanna with Abbeyj and maybe Andrea/Trisckie, if they are free

Good good J see ya next weekend,

Blade u’r back!!! pop pop pop LOL

and that arnica stuff works!!!

so thats two blondes on bikes with Bruised knees


and we both still riding!!!

glad your back girl, your as bad as me when it comes to road rage,I can blame my mum…runs in genes I think anyway call me we go up Ace or whatever

U going cubana weds? Should be there with Abbeyj? And i wanna see tash’s tats…(that sounds rude!)…

Are u going to Flatouts rideout on sat to Hastings? Its a ride whatever the weather…end of the day?

Blade - you let me take the lead on Friday - u never let me take the lead…

oh and my mate said - he would have loved to see the bruised knees…

went out over the weekend and guess what - bruises appear on my foot as well - lovely…